Bal-Vriddh Milan Karyakram

Trust has introduced this new program named “Bal-Vriddh Milan Karyakram” . On weeklySunday holiday or in summer and Diwali vacations kids are inspired to meet the aged and visits are organized to the old age homes with the aim of uniting children with the old. There are two advantages of it : the old experience warmth by meeting the children, they share the knowledge of their life experiences and children naturally learn from their experiences. The values of serving the old and disabled are instilled in the children since the childhood that remain helpful to them throughout their lives. Should old-ailing-disabled-weak be neglected? Isn’t their service and safety our duty and obligation? In this direction, the programme conducted by the trust is beneficial for both old and children in the society. Elderly and knowledge-aged can impart the knowledge of their lives to the kids and children can learn by fun.

In the company of the experienced and knowledgeable elderly people, children can easily imbibe the essence of life and in return the innocence, simplicity and love of children can help old people to sustain their lives and help them come out of depression and loneliness. This programme was introduced with the objective of mutual well-being.