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Shri Narayan Sai Lok Seva Trust (NSLST) was established with the sole intention of serving the mankind. The trust was founded in the year 2003 by His Holiness Sant Shri Narayan Prem Sai. Since then, the trust has been working in the areas of healthcare, environmental protection, empowering youth and women, helping the needy and various other fields of social service.

The prime objectives of trust encompasses :

  1. Efforts in participation in all sorts of public service works.
  2. Support in health and medical services.
  3. De-addiction campaign- Building an Addiction-free Society.
  4. Contribution to the flourishing of society.
  5. Survival via environmental protection. Awareness related to environmental protection.
  6. Women Empowerment,Efforts to make women self-dependent.Conducting women upliftment programs.
  7. Distribution of fruits,medicines etc in hospitals-clinics to the ailing.
  8. Distribution of blankets,clothes and utensils among the poor, tribals.
  9. Swadeshi movement – making indigenous commodities- generation of proclivity for national interest.
  10. Formation of ‘Bal Sanskar Kendra’ and ‘Yuva Seva Sangh’ for the development of cultured youth and children.
  11. Efforts for protection and procreation of cows. Production of cow products.
  12. Service to the best of the abilities for the old,weak,ill,blind,physically challenged,backward,downtrodden, exploited, deprived.
  13. Attempt in changing the mindset of prisoners. Viable Support to their families.Programs in prisons.Providing legal aids to them.Filling of bail bonds for the poor prisoners from prisoner cooperation fund.